Shellshocked? Me too, try 1Password

Quick note out there: Shellshock is serious.  Heartbleed was serious.  Take the time to invest in your online life and check out 1Password.  

This week, a very dangerous vulnerability was discovered in one of Linux’s most widely used utilities. The good news is that the good guys discovered it, but the bad news is that it’s potentially “worse than Heartbleed” in the wrong hands, according to some experts (and Heartbleed was pretty bad news). It’s a terrible situation for almost everyone in the computing industry. One of the few exceptions is AgileBits, the company behind password-management software 1Password.

1Password has saved me time and stress over managing multiple logins and passwords over the last two years.  Do yourself a favor and check out 1Password to ease your online life and protect online information.

Stay safe out there.



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