Transmit: FTP Client for OS X

Transmit: FTP Client for OS X

I'm taking a class this winter on web development.  Things have changed a bit since I last did HTML work in 2004.  One thing that hasn't, is FileZilla.  This was the recommended application for the class to use as an FTP client.  Fortunately I'm not locked to a certain operating system in web development so I've been looking into something other than FileZilla.  For two reasons:

  1. The icons look terrible on a retina display
  2. In order to get an updated look of what files have changed on the server or client I have to click the refresh button.

the second point is the main reason for me to look into a switch.  The first I can look past, depending on the quality and cost of alternative software solutions.  The trial period sold me and I updated before the trial was up -- $34 well spent.  

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