What's In Your Bag?

I open my bag and heart to show my everyday gadgets and accoutrements   

What's In Your Bag, Jared Duquette?

I carry my bag everywhere with me.  The contents within help keep me organized, sane, and comfortable.  

What I Can't Live Without: Tea, Moleskin, and iPhone.   

What’s the most surprising thing you carry? Multiple loose leaf teas and infuser.  I switch up my daily cuppa all the time.  Gotta keep it fresh. 

No day is complete without the entire contents of this bag;

  • Allergy medication and lip balm 
  • Teas and infuser 
  • Various pens 
  • Kuru Toga mechanical pencil with ruler 
  • Micro fiber cloths 
  • Keys 
  • Chargers and cables 
  • Shure E2c's and Apple EarPods
  • Accordion folders for papers 
  • Moleskin journal 
  • Multiple USB drivers 
  • iPod 80gig classic 
  • iPhone 5S
  • MacBook Pro

All carried with me thanks to my custom, small TimBuk2 messenger bag.  I spent months researching bags before selecting TimBuk2; with weeks selecting the inside and outside colors - a combination of professionalism and personalization.  The results are absolutely perfect for my tastes and will provide many years of service. 


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